About Me

In 2016 I was living in Liverpool with my best friend at the time. Neither of us were particularly happy with our lives at the time, I was suffering quite badly with depression and she had split up with her boyfriend. We came to the decision to go travelling in Australia. We started saving, sold lots of our stuff and set plans into action. In May that year we jetted off, 4 weeks later my friend decided that travelling wasn’t for her and flew back home. So I was left to go it alone. I spent the next year travelling Australia and then went on to spend two years in New Zealand.

I have blogged in many different forms over the years, the last time was actually when I first arrived in Australia. I have decided to start blogging again, to share my experiences and because I actually miss it. I head off to Canada in April so hopefully I can catch up on the last 3/4 years before I have new adventures to share.

This blog is going to be a little bit travel, a little bit lifestyle but all me!

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Email : alittlebitoflindsay@outlook.com