Exploring Bali – Seminyak

After my three months of working in Australia’s Northern Territory I decided that I needed a holiday and because I had heard how great but also how cheap it is, the island of Bali in Indonesia was going to be my holiday destination.

I also decided that as I’m such a great daughter and thought my mum deserved a good holiday, I would invite her along too as my treat. All she had to do was pay for her flights, I would sort everything else out. Because of this I didn’t go down the normal cheap hostel backpacker route, I went for nice hotels which in Bali are still pretty cheap.

I wanted to see as much of Bali as possible in our 11 days there but also wanted a few just chilling by the beach days so I split our trip up into three different locations so we could experience a little bit of everything. We started out in Seminyak for 4 nights, Ubud for 3 nights and then Sanur for 4 nights.

I will be splitting my posts about Bali into three so remember to watch out for my next posts all about Ubud and Sanur.


Seminyak is a resort on the southern end of Bali, It is just north of Kuta. I chose to avoid Kuta completely on this trip as I had been told its basically like the Australian version of Kavos, filled will very drunk, drugged up, loud people, that’s not really my scene and as my mother was joining for this trip I didn’t think that would be suitable for us. Seminyak is still a very lively place, its biggest plus point is the many beach front bars, complete with bean bag chairs on the sand so you can relax under a brightly coloured umbrella while you drink a Bintang or a Bali cider (was so happy to find out they had this and it was so cheap too) and watch the amazing sunsets.

I arrived from Darwin the night before my mum so checked into our hotel, Puri Cendana Resort and got myself all settled in, I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and start exploring. After enjoying a complimentary breakfast I headed off in search of the beach, Luckily the hotel was on the road to the beach so it didn’t take long for me to feel the sand between my toes. I relished in feeling the ocean wash over my feet again after spending 3 months away from it.

I eventually headed back to the hotel to check out the pool and wait for my mum to arrive.

After a few days relaxing on the beach and by the pool, letting my mother get over her jet lag we were ready to start exploring. We hired one of our hotels driver to take us to Tanah Lot Temple, one of the great sea temples of Bali.

Once you have paid a small entrance fee, you have to walk through a maze of market stalls to get to the coast line and eventually the temple. One thing to note about Bali is you can not walk past any shop, market stall, taxi driver without them trying to entice you in, sell you something or give you a lift. While walking around you just have to get use to saying no thank you to pretty much everyone.

You are able to walk over to the temple at low tide which we did, but non-Balinese people are not allowed to enter the actual temple. You might think that going to a Balinese temple would be a calming and enlightening experience but as Tanah Lot is one of the most popular attractions on the whole island just note that you will be sharing the experience with 100’s of other people. We even saw a bride and groom having their wedding pictures taken amongst the crowds.

One thing Bali is famous for is Luwak Coffee and on our way to Tanah Lot our driver took us to one of the many Luwak Coffee plantations. For those that don’t know Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world because Luwaks or Chivet Cats eat only the ripest tastiest coffee beans, the beans then pass through their digestive system where they get fermented. The chivets then poo out the beans, they are collected, washed and processed into the most expensive coffee in the world. The whole process is suppose to give the coffee a much smoother and less bitter taste.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate coffee, even if its the sweetest, milkiest, trying so hard not to taste like coffee, coffee from Starbucks. I still can’t stand it, mainly because of the bitterness, it just sticks to my tongue but I have to say the Luwak coffee wasn’t actually that bad, it definitely had a less bitter taste than the normal stuff you can buy. I have to say I did enjoy trying the different types of tea a lot more.

The following day we left Seminyak and with another driver ventured into the hills to Ubud and probably the poshest hotel I have ever and will ever stay in in my life. Keep an eye out for my next post all about it.

18 thoughts on “Exploring Bali – Seminyak

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Bali, it looks idyllic, it’s on my travel bucket list! I love that you had a good mix of relaxation by the pool and exploring too. If I ever visit, I’ll remember to try the coffee and see what it’s like! Thanks for sharing your adventures so far and beautiful photos too! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


    1. Lindsay Mitchell

      Thanks for your comment. It is such a beautiful place, I definitely want to head back there one day and would recommend it to anyone. I would even recommend trying the coffee 😂


    1. Lindsay Mitchell

      We only spent 11 days there and it was definitely not enough time. I need to go back at some point. I think seminyak was my favourite place, the chilled vibe of the beach bars was right up my street


  2. I love that you planned a trip with your mom. Bali looks amazing and I’d love to go there one day if it weren’t on the other side of the world. I think I’d get very nervous too, with everyone constantly trying to sell me stuff I don’t need.

    x Envy


    1. Lindsay Mitchell

      I also ‘made’ my mum come on holiday to Australia with me too, I love sharing my passion for travel.
      Bali is so beautiful, I would highly recommend it.
      Everyone trying to sell you stuff does take some getting use, I always felt so rude ignoring them or saying no (typical British politeness 😂) but it’s got to be done


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  4. DW

    I read somewhere that Bali is the “Australian Mexico.” I have never been and I think, based on your blog and photos, they were incredibly wrong in that statement. Great article, I enjoyed it, be well!


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