The Australia Chronicles : Australia Zoo and The Rest Of The East Coast

After our hasty exit from Wooli we found ourselves on a greyhound coach to Brisbane with no idea what to do next.

Louise had decided that she didn’t want to go home right away but in two weeks time so she could finish our original plan to travel the rest of the east coast up to Cairns.

We spent our two days in beautiful Brisbane sitting by the lagoon and planing the rest of the trip. We bought a hop on hop off greyhound coach ticket, which I highly recommend because it was very good value and incredibly flexible, to Cairns and decided on the places we would stay.

Our route ended up like this:

Go to Australia Zoo from there catch the coach to Noosa and spend one night. Then it was on to Hervey Bay for two nights, Airlie Beach for two nights then Cairns for a week.

The Glass House Mountains as seen from the coach on the way to Australia Zoo

I have always been a massive Steve Irwin fan, I remember watching The Crocodile Hunter as a kid and knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Australia Zoo and it did not disappoint. The Crocoseum show is a must do when visiting Australia Zoo, the trained native birds put on a spectacular show but best of all is obviously when the keepers are feeding the crocadiles.

Casually taking a cheetah for a walk
The Crocoseum show

As we didn’t really stay in any of the other places long enough they don’t really warrant a separate blog posts each but these are some of the sites we saw along the way.

On one of our overnight coach journeys we stopped at a roadhouse that is famous for this huge statue of a kangaroo called Matilda

The only picture I took in Noosa #hostellife

Hervey Bay
Cairns Lagoon

My biggest regret about doing the east coast is the fact we didn’t do any of the stuff people do the east coast for, we didnt go to Fraser Island or the Whitsundays or do anything to do with the Great Barrier Reef. Our focus was mainly just to get to Cairns so Louise could fly back home to the UK and I could fly to Darwin to start working.

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